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For over a year we had a litter box in the kitchen. We kept it super clean (used only the best kitty litter and removed any No1s and No2s immediately and almost raked it like a zen garden with the scoop. It didn’t really bother me all that much that it was there and because Bonus was the way he was and felt the way he felt about the move and not doing his business outdoors like he had at the old house I totally accepted having it there.



But tadaaa! It’s gone! Bonus has graduated! I’m still leaning into the broom cabinet behind at a weird angle because I was so used to it, haha, but it feels so good that it’s gone.



As I showed you earlier I also had a little emergency kitty corner in the basement below the fuse cabinet for when things were simply to much for my furry boyfriend and he wanted peace and quiet. It was practical but so not pretty.



So when I painted everything in the basement and removed the rickety shelving I decided to upgrade the kitty corner and make it the spot for the permanent litter box. Both Mini and Bonus do their business outside now (sorry neighbors) but if it’s raining really hard or if it’s super cold they may still want to use the indoor facilities.



Here’s a close up. I’ve been wanting to use those metal brackets somewhere ever since IKEA introduced them eons ago and here I had my chance. Two shelves below the fuse cabinet provide more than enough storage for litter in a nice looking tub, a ceramic flower pot for the scoop and bags, a scent removing spray for those hold your breath moments and a glass jar with cat food for when we occasionally need to keep Mini and Bonus in the basement for some reason or other (there are water and food bowls nearby).

Oh, in this shot you can also peek in under the fuse cabinet and see the the junk in there but it’s not seen when you stand up and that’s basically what you do in this small hallway at the bottom of the stairs.

Mini and Bonus have given their new bathroom their seal of approval by walking across my zen garden so I’m happy!


  • Guro says:

    Love the prints. Thanks for the tip to find them at Mokasin 🙂

  • Nice place for the cat! I had twoo and always the little stones over the floor, everywhere!
    big kiss

  • Jenny says:

    Alltså, du bara får inte sluta blogga! Jag vet inte hur många år jag följt din blogg – och kan bara inte sluta. Finns det ngn annan som skriver ett inlägg om hur man sorterar strumpor eller om en kattoalett, och gör det så bra? Haha. Och händig är du också. /Jenny

  • Kelly g says:

    The link for the Best kitty litter just takes you to the home page of pet smart and I’d love to know what brand you recommend… Can you tell us please? Thanks and the new set-up looks great!

  • How weird, I linked it straight to the product I use, albeit on the Pet Smart site because I couldn’t find the manufaturer’s site. Here’s the page I get when I click it myself: I use Ever Clean Extra Strength.

  • Michelle says:

    How do your neighbors feel about finding cat poop in their yards? Or do the cats stay in your yard?
    Here in the US people would be infuriated to find someone else’s pet going potty on their grass. Apparently even walking your dog and having them do a no 1 on the edge of your lawn is not ok.

  • Giulia says:

    Ahh, sometimes it just takes some time. We have a storage closet in our mudroom and we put a cat door in it. The litter is in there and really only gets used in winter and our little one does not like snow but loves to be outside in summer.

  • devil says:

    Yeah, in the U.S. it’s generally considered really obnoxious to let your cats poop in your neighbors’ yards. Most local animal control departments provide free cat traps for the suffering neighbors. The owners pay a fine to get their cats back.
    There are even worse penalties for letting one’s dog do that.
    I guess this is just a U.S. thing?

  • Jules Means says:

    I live in the US and have never heard of anyone getting upset about cat poop, only dogs who are not polite enough to bury it…Jules Means

  • Dana in CT says:

    Such a timely post! My automatic little box JUST arrived 🙂 I am giving ScoopFree a whirl. I just HATE cleaning out the box! I already switched my cat over to the crystals and he was fine with the switch. Hope this auto thing works. It will make me a very happy woman!!

  • I actually checked (and double checked) if cats were allowed in the neighborhood before bidding on the house because I’ve heard that in some (usually co-op) neighborhoods they’re not. Almost all my neighbors have pets (cats or dogs or both) so everyone just shoos away any naughty cats that do their business in unwanted places. Dog owners must pick the poop up though so all dog owners carry black poop bags with them at all time. Where my mom lives poop bags are even supplied next to trash cans to make it easier for everyone.

  • Dione says:

    In Canada it’s not appreciated either. Not sure what the penalties are though. I had issues
    with my neighbors cat using the spot under my back deck as her fave bathroom spot. I really should put chicken wire there over it to keep any cats away…cat poop odour wafting up is not pleasant;). That neighbor is gone but there is always some cat wandering.

  • I love your blog – I’ve been reading it for years and this is the first time I’ve commented.
    You are a great inspiration for us folks (like me) trying to get their homes and gardens in order!
    Oh – and the cat’s roaming around freely, peeing and pooping…that does NOT go over well where I live, so I’m happy for your furry friends that you live where you do. I can no longer drive to the local dump in my town (I make my hubby do it now) after I made the mistake of going when we first moved here. Let’s just say there are residents here who do not hesitate to bring out their hunting guns when they spot wondering cats and dogs 🙁

  • jja says:

    “Both Mini and Bonus do their business outside now (sorry neighbors) b”
    Lucky you! My only indoor cats need my butler services every day. Twice. But we use crystals to avoid dust and then this for some grains—nass—trocken.jpg.
    If I would have a garden nobody would – at least I didn’t hear about it – molest the cat anyway. But I didn’t get nice ground floor apartment with a small garden once because this was cats unfriendly area and neighbors were afraid of “special presents” in their gardens…this was howeever exception…

  • Terhi says:

    Do you have a trash can nearby or how do you clean the litter box?
    I live in a small apartment and unfortunately the only place where I can fit the litter box is right by the front door. It doesn’t really bother me that the box is in plain sight, but the litter. Gets. Everywhere.
    So right now I’m in a progress of planning and building a bench in my entry hall (kind of like the one you had at your old house) that hides the box and has a little door at one side. I was planning on getting a small trash can with a lid that I could also store inside the bench.
    I’m glad to hear that Bonus finally accepted the new house 🙂

  • I keep the scoop and doggy poop-bags in the white ceramic container on the shelf and scoop the poop in a bag, tie it up and toss it in the main trash can outside. Poop-a-doop!

  • Petra from NL says:

    I really like that you use a nice ceramic container for the scoop etc. Simple yet mucht nicer looking.

  • Den says:

    It looks amazing!!
    I´m looking for a nice litter by in my country (Argentina) I haven´t found anything white nor well designed. I thought doig a DIY, but didn´t found any tutorial. Do you have any? or any recomendation?
    Now i´m using an old tupper, but it is too small(poor cat).
    Read you soon!!

  • Mine was a lucky find in a pile of neon colored ones but I haven’t seen any like it since unfortunately. Here’s a cool designer one though: Not sure if all kittes will enjoy the rooftop access though.

  • Lisa says:

    That is so horrible!
    I have an indoor cat in Ireland, partly because I’ve noticed that most of the neighbours’ outdoor cats in the area become increasingly scared and unfriendly towards humans (I try to befriend any kitty that walks into my yard.), so I think other neighbours are mean to them. But not that bloody vicious!
    I don’t mind having to remove the odd cat poop from my lawn- if you have an outdoor cat, it’s not like you can follow it around. What infuriates me though is that most of the neighbours who have dogs just let them go a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. Concrete sidewalk, people’s front gardens, our communal lawn where kids play etc. When you are right there when your dog goes, I thinks it’s incredibly rude and inconsiderate not to pick it up.

  • Lisa says:

    My parents live in the countryside in Sweden, with a huge garden and woods and fields surrounding it. They have two cats, both former strays who neighbours had abandoned, so well used to doing their business outside. BUT both cats prefer to use the litter box, in summer too. One of them will stretch to using the outdoor flower pots and raised beds, where the soil is nice and loose, but it just ain’t like the Everclean inside;-).
    And the cat they had before used to come running inside, charge to the litter box, and after he had done his business, he wanted to be let outside again.

  • Jill says:

    So true! There are many places where it’s perfectly legal to shoot anything that wanders on your property. Scary.

  • Michelle says:

    I guess you are not on then – those ladies lose their minds if someone’s pet does any business on THEIR property. Kids play on the grass.

  • says:

    I like cats, but our neighbor’s cats poop all over our front lawn. The smell makes me gag, and when you have a child, as I do, it means extra steps to make sure it’s OK for her to go out in her own yard. Also, cat waste can be harmful to pregnant women.
    The cats also brought fleas, which bit my daughter and gave her a staph infection.
    I love your blog, but the practice of letting cats use neighbors’ lawns as a toilet is disgusting. Live in the country? No problem. Live in a neighborhood? I think the cat folks should at least offer to clean it up. It’s also illegal for a cat to leave its own property where we are. Sorry 🙁 This is something I have to respectfully disagree with.

  • Rach says:

    Hi Benita! A new Australian fan here – currently in the process of reading your blog from the beginning but regularly sneaking a peek at recent posts too. I adore your style and blog! There is hope for me yet ;0)
    I’m trying to come up with a better litter set up for my first puss (who is indoor) as what I’m doing and using isn’t working. I really like your set up but I’m just wondering in a practical sense, after you scoop (I usually seem to get something on the scoop), do you wipe or clean the scoop or just put it back into the ceramic container and clean at a later date? I’m desperate for a hygenic and pleasant toilet set up for my kitty. Thanks!

  • I put the scoop back and clean it later unless it’s a real big mess. I keep a brush marked “litter box” for that purpose under the sink so I don’t mistakenly use it for something else.