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I’ve often wondered if those classified ads at the back of glossy magazines like British Vogue work out for the companies that advertise via them. Now I have the answer.

I was reading the aforementioned mag at work and came across an ad for a poster that I immediately fell in love with. I have this thing for art that depicts cities and maps as you might now and this one was right up my alley. The problem was that it only came in red or cyan. Not my colors du jour so I got in touch with them and asked if they could custom make a green one for me. No problem for an extra fee they said so I went on a mission to find the perfect green Pantone color.



A week or so later my poster arrived. I la-la-love it!



It depicts all things London and British. There’s Winston Churchill, the Beatles, Big Ben, the gurkin, the union Jack and a zillion more things and people. I love looking at it and keep finding details I haven’t seen before.



The poster’s by Nickprints. Oh and, they (he? Nick?) has no idea I’m writing this.

Happy weekend!