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The Fuse Box Cabinet

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When you come down the stairs to the basement from the entry hall you’re greeted by these doors. To the left the laundry room and straight ahead my closet.



Lurking behind the door to the laundry room is the fuse box cabinet. I still have old school fuses and as with a lot of old houses the contents of that cabinet has been added to over the decades.


IMG_5212 pil

Not a pretty sight with all that junk hanging down below the cabinet. And to add insult to injury the previous owners built a rickety shelving unit underneath. HAD. TO. GO.

The space behind the door is actually pretty useful and I’ve had the second littler box there for when Bonus used to take refuge in the basement but I’ll show you what I did with all that in a separate post.



Anyway, before painting all the doors and trim in the basement in fresh coats of paint I added a little to the fuse box cabinet. Again this was one of those, I-have-no-idea-how-to-do-this-so-I’ll-just-wing-it situations as there wasn’t a whole lot for my new addition to hang on to. I ended up screwing the front to the underside of the cabinet and gluing the side section. It’s not my best work but for what it is, a fuse box cabinet it work for me.



And as you can see it’s now all contained in there. There’s still no bottom so air can circulate but at least I don’t have to look at the mess.



I love the little chrome frame with the old instructions for which fuse is which and I added the little containers (simply screwed them into the back of the door) with the extra fuses, which I took out of their boxes. To know what’s what I labeled the fronts with the Amp.  Love how this turned out.