Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 226-232

Augusti 13

Mowing my lawn twice a week with the push mower.


Augusti 14

An Indian reporter from Mumbai wrote an article about decorating with maps and included some of my images. Just got the newspaper, coffee stain included :).


Augusti 15

Bunus having a snack in front of the freshly painted radiator. Painting radiators is hell and I have another two to go.


Augusti 16

Do you recognize this plant? It’s appeared between my newly planted hydrangeas and is about three to four feet tall. I guess it was there all along but because the flower bed was so overgrown stayed dormant for a while until I started digging and adding fresh soil. I’m hoping it’s some sort of a butterfly bush but those white things haven’t opened up yet and when I compare then to my neighbor who has a Buddleja her flowers are much much larger. These are only about 2 inches long. The leaves and stems look quite similar though. Maybe it’s just a weed?


Augusti 17

Yay, what a treat to receive the newest issue if Martha Stewart Living straight from the mother ship! We usually don’t get the new issues over here until three or four weeks later. Love the cover of Martha and grand daughter Jude and Alexis’ home is beautiful. But then again that was to be expected.


Augusti 18

Doing some overdue metal work on the balcony.


Augusti 19

Speaking of Martha, she’s now on the floor. I sold my Expedit bookcase on Blocket (our Craigslist) and am now considering different options. I want something that’s not as tall as the Expedit but which can still hold a few things. Such as 226 issues of Martha Stewart Living.