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Chez Larsson

366: Day 233-239

Augusti 20

My deck is starting to go grey. Love it!


Augusti 21

Mini doing her toilette on the windowsill in the living room.


Augusti 22

Finally! The skylights are being installed. The work has been delayed for a few weeks but I’m SO happy it’s getting done. Wille tries out the new height. He can actually stand in there now. We have a whole new view from there now with the glass being all nice and new and the window being a smidge taller.


Augusti 23

One skylight done, one to go. The new one’s on the right (slightly ajar) and the chunky old one is the one in the bathroom on the left. That’s being switched out today!


Augusti 24

Bonus, my man. He does not like the fact that there are guys working in the house. He stays away most of the time they’re here only to quickly sneak in for a bite to eat and then quickly out again.


Augusti 25

The textile printing book I ordered arrived. Tons of inspiring projects. My hobby room is currently packed with skylight parts and tools but as soon as my contractors are done I’ll try my hand at printing.


Augusti 26

Some more changes (aside from the Expedit being gone, are taking place in the living room so I have lots of stuff piled up instead of nicely laid out.

Basically our home has been a bit of a mess this week with the installation of the skylights and the changes to the living room. No point in cleaning properly over the weekend when there will be a big mess again today and nowhere really to put stuff away right now. I look forward to the end of the week when things will start coming together again.