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Dumpster Diving at Work

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As some of you know already from previous posts the local police department resides in the same building as the office where I work. Let me put it this way. They throw away the best stuff!

I go to the recycling center in the basement on a regular basis. Sometimes to actually recycle stuff from the office five stories further up but a lot of the times I just go treasure hunting. The “metals” and “electronics” bins are my favorites but I’ve also found great stuff in “plastics” and “other”.

This time around picture me pivoting on my hips (I still have the bruises to prove it) into a green plastic dumpster to retrieve a whole bunch of key rings with metal label holders at the very bottom. I’ve bought some of these before and love the look of them and will probably update all the key rings for the keys in our shoe locker but feast your eyes on what some of the current labels actually say:

* Weapons cabinet 201 (+ 73, 306, 145…)

* Lost and found

* Examination room for mopeds (!)

* Passport department

* Crime dept. computer room (oh!)

* Lights cell 4 (yikes!)

Cool huh? I’ll just have to leave the original labels under my new ones, won’t I?. Will show you what they end up looking like at a later date.

Happy weekend!