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My Finnish Heritage Calling

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As many of you know I was born in Finland. Waaaay up in the north as a matter of fact in a town called Kokkola. I only lived in Finland (in Helsinki) until I was four so I haven’t really spent much time there as an adult but I’ve always felt really at home there in a weird way (not speaking the language at all or knowing any people there).



Lately I’ve had this real yearning for all things Finnish so when I saw this lot of Alvar Aalto stools come up for auction (new hobby of mine to scour the online auctions) I knew I wanted them. And since I actually needed extra occasional seating I wanted them bad! At he same auction there was also a bench so I figured if I could get that at a fair price I’d go for it too. I set my limit after checking how much these things go for new (they’re all still in production) and crossed my fingers.



Yay! My total score is one stool with white laminate top which now resides in the living room near the dining table which is where I need it. There is also one stool with black linoleum top which is currently in Wille’s room. I also have a small kid’s chair with red linoleum top and back rest which I don’t need but it’s so cute so I’m hanging on to it anyway.



The lot also included this Y-leg stool with linen webbing seat. This one I didn’t really want or need but since it was included in the lot I decided to also include it in my home. I now love it at the foot end of my bed where I can toss the extra pillows when I go to bed.

If I were to buy all these new I would have had to pay a total of USD 1770 but I paid a little less than what the two three legged stools cost new. I know I got two things that I didn’t really need but all four pieces are design classics and I like the fact that I can offer some cool designer pieces to Wille when he moves out one day.



Double yay! I got the bench too at a little over a third of the price new. It now sits in my bedroom against the wall that faces the bed. It’s already proved to be perfect there for when I get stuff off the shelves behind the curtain. Now I can rest the boxes on the bench instead of on the floor.

Birch to me is going a little crazy and out of my comfort zone but I like what it does to my bedroom because it’s all grey and white and warms things up just enough. I might dip the feet of the bench in white for a little extra freshness though. Not in paint but another way. Will show you if it turns out ok.

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