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Organizing the Bathroom Cabinet

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Oh man, you wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that’s accumulated in our under sink drawer in the bathroom! It looks so nice and tidy when it’s closed but wait.



When I had more open storage I used to pay attention to what the packaging looks like on all toiletries but with this hidden away from view I get whatever and sigh in relief when I get to shut the drawer. This got a bit out of hand though and everything was a little bit sticky and needed a good clean.




ALL this stuff fits in that one drawer and top insert drawer! I love my drawer!



So I gave all the little Muji containers which I use as dividers a nice bath in the kitchen sink and wiped all the bottles with a damp rag.



I’ve sung these containers’ praise several times before but they’re just so perfect. They stack and you can even use these lids/trays as little slim containers for barrettes etc and stack them as high as you want. Not that I have a lot of hair to put in a barrette right now but I’m actually letting my hair grow out again so hopefully these will come in handy soon.




The main drawer of the unit has a narrow drawer above that makes the most use of the space right under the sink. That’s divided in three compartments and I’ve used more of the Muji PPs to divide them up further.




So there’s kind of a little system going on here. Wille’s stuff is more to the left and mine’s to the right and we meet in the middle. So happy it’s all clean, neat and tidy now!