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Spray Painted Rug

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I’ve had this IKEA rug in my possession for a while now. I picked it up at the local charity shop but once I brought it home I didn’t like it. Something about the shade of beige. I’ve been using it in the laundry room because it does get quite chilly under foot in there. But since beige isn’t really my thing I decided I’d do something about it.



And spray painted it silver. As you may remember I’ve tried painting rugs before without much success (more like a hot mess) but I figured that since this was a rug I didn't really like and I had some silver spray paint I’d give it a go anyway. First I did a coat with spray primer just because I had some on hand. And then quite a few coats of the silver. I finished off with a clear spray (again because I had it) in the hope to seal the silver so Wille wouldn’t find himself walking around with glitzy socks.



I left the rug to air out and cure properly over night and then brought it inside.

And here’s the result.


1) It’s more grey than silver. Which is ok because I like grey.

2) The paint has started to wear off slightly after some weeks of use but it still looks ok. I might take it outside and give it an extra coat in that hard traffic area around the machines.

3) The feel of the rug is surprisingly good. You would not know there were lots of coats of spray paint on there.

4) Would I do it again? On a cheap flat weave rug like this with some left over spray paint. Yes. With a nicer more expensive rug and having to buy paint. Maybe not.

Happy weekend!

Ps. Welcome all new readers from Young House Love! What a nice surprise from Sherry that was yesterday :).