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Chez Larsson

Third Time’s a Charm

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So after that post where I showed you the dotty wallpaper I panted over it.



A bold yellow on one wall and the rest white.



I picked the yellow because I already have some bright yellow accent pieces dotted around the house.



But it was only up for a couple of days and then I painted over it all again.



Now it’s a calm and soothing white. What can I say. White is me. I’m happy now. The color looks a bit yellow in this shot but it’s actually pure white above and below that grey piece of trim (that I might also paint white once I’ve decided what to do with the stairs.



I added some temporary art until I’ve found the perfect piece/s. The frame on the left holds a wallpaper scrap original to the house and the frame on the left images of Wille from when he was a toddler.



Still figuring out what to do with the stairs but I’ll get there!