Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 254-260

September 10

Wille’s old disco ball gets moved around the house a lot. I love how it sparkles. Now it resides in that weird hole in the wall in the living room.


September 11

Exciting delivery. This is the replacement for the Expedit book case. Will show you when it’s all set up nicely.


September 12

Miss Mini.


September 13

Curly Sue.


September 14

Off for a super nice evening with “the girls” on my street. Were taking turns hosting pot luck. This time the wine for the Italian theme was on me.


September 15

When I started eating low carb I ate a lot of eggs and went completely off them because I’d had so many in a short period of time. On this day I had some again.


September 16

Ms. Yes I Took Your Seat And Now It’s Mine.

That was week 37. 15 more to go this year.