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Some DIY jobs are more rewarding than others. It’s those where you can really see that you’ve accomplished something. Some jobs are more the type that you need to do them because it’s necessary. This was one of those.

Before I moved in I had my then contractors switch out the rotting balcony floor to larch wood. Already then I knew that I needed to protect the wood underneath from rain since there’s no overhang and the rain can seep in and potentially rot that front beam.



It took a year and three months to get to it with pangs of conscience last winter. Lucky for me a have a friend and neighbor who switched out her balcony floor this summer. So we joined forces to ordered metal sheeting and and pooled our tools.



It was actually quite simple. It was basically a matter of measuring, using a straight edge and a marker…



… and then using metal scissors to cut the pieces to size.



And then a little bit of bending action to straighten out the wobbly edges after cutting.



Measure once cut twice is not recommended but is what I did here. I didn’t leave enough room to maneuver the sheeting in place. After a second attempt, new measurement and a new cut and lifting the plank furthest out up by unscrewing it things slot into place. After that I could put the plank back and using the same screws screwed right through the metal and attaching it while at the same time reattaching the plank.



You can’t really tell well from this shot because the sun was out but the metal is that second white strip away from my feet.



The idea is that when it rains the water will be lead away from the beam instead of onto it. Like I said not the most rewarding DIY job in terms of a nice cool addition to look at but a good one for peace of mind. Let it rain!