Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 268-274

September 24

Hello! Here I am late at night all tousled up after falling asleep in my armchair. Red shot eyes and all.


September 25

I have had requests to see what it looks like when I haul stuff home without a car. It can look like this.


September 26

How weird and wonderful are these? Irresistible that’s for sure.


September 27

How appropriate that this iPhone shot is very blurry because I’ve just come to realize that I need reading glasses. Sucks.


September 28



September 29

Off to the annual antiques fair with my friend Sanna. Sooo many goodies.


September 30

Busy Sunday so I put the alarm on in the morning and headed out to plant tulips, fertilized the lawn and reorganize the deck for winter. Also did a bunch of fun crafts inside later on that I’ll be sharing soon.

Have a good week! I’m off to my mom’s on Thursday so for one there will be no posts on Thursday and Friday and also I won’t have great internet access and wont be able to answer comments or e-mails much. Just so you know.