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Chez Larsson

366: Day 296-302

Oktober 22

The roses I got are still going strong. even as I write this on Sunday.


Oktober 23

If last week was unexciting this week was better. Martha follows me on Pinterest! But wait, it gets better.


Oktober 24

Look what I got in the mail! remember when I got all the Martha goodies? Turned out there was a legal issue with me entering in the competition because I’m not a US resident and they were sorry for the confusion and sent me a consolation gift. How sweet is that? With all this you’d think I’d be on Martha’s Christmas card list this year, haha!


Oktober 25

First snow! I couldn’t get a good photo outside because it started snowing late at night but then Wille called me when he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Snow!


Oktober 26

My man.


Oktober 27

Twice a year we have a large dumpster in our neighborhood where we can drop off garden debris which is so great. Wille and I cleared the back yard on Friday night and I went to check on the frosty result on Saturday morning  in my pj’s. Still some leaves to fall off the apple tree but I’ll just add them to the compost as they fall.


Oktober 28

My friend Sanna and I had planed to got to a retro fair this weekend but it turned out to be cancelled so instead we went to Moderna Museet and saw the Picasso vs. Duchamp and the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibitions. We weren’t impressed but we did spend an awfully long time in the museum shop.

That was quite an eventful week for a change.