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Laundry Room Set

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So, as I explained yesterday I received a bunch of craft goodies from Martha Stewart Living. Here’s the first craft I made using some of the materials.



I decided it would be fun to update the setup I have in the laundry room, you know detergent, softener, that kind of stuff.



I figured it would give me an opportunity to try some of those paints and glass paints I got on different surfaces.



First I tried my hand at making my own stencil for the soap holder Wille got me for christmas. I got this really great stencil film. It’s adhesive so it won’t shift while you’re working on your project which is great.



I used some old hole punches for a bubble effect. Soap, bubbles – get it?






Then it was just a matter of sticking the stencil to the container, pouncing on the paint (I used the metallic for this project) and peel off.



This is another gift from Wille, a glass water bottle. I love it but I left water in there for too long this summer and got a lime scale ring in there that won’t come off so I decided that I’d use the bottle in the laundry room with fabric softener and get a new one for water. I used frog tape to mask some stripes, making sure I’d cover the lime scale ring under the wider stripe.



Again I pounced on the paint and this time I used the frosted one. You can brush on or flood the paints on to your project with the nozzle depending on what kind of effect you’re after.



For my jar of Vanish (stain remover) I made a template with a V on it. I laid the adhesive stencil film over and traced the V with a marker and then I proceeded by cutting the V out with the craft knife.




Again sticking down the stencil film and pouncing on the paint. For the aluminum can I used the multi surface paint in satin.



Here are the end results for those first three items; a V for Vanish, some frosted stripes on my bottle of softener and soapy bubbles.



For the jars of detergent I wanted some letters telling me which one’s for white and which one’s for colored clothing so I looked up some fonts online and printed them out in the proper sizes for my jars.




W for while and C for color. Again cutting my own stencils using the tracing method further up and sticking them to my jars.


I used the metallic paint for these and this time I went over the stencils twice for a more even coverage before peeling of the stencils.

When your glass projects are done you need to either heat cure them (instructions included with the paints) in an oven. OR you can wait 21 days before handling your projects and they will air dry and cure that way. I chose that option and am now being very careful using my laundry room making sure I don’t scratch any surfaces for another week or so.

That was so much fun!

So, tomorrow I’m off to see my mom, help her tuck in her garden, do a bit of sanding an painting and go on a shopping trip to nearby Helsingborg. I’ll see you back on Monday!

Ps. The art's from Isa Form.