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New Faucet

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Here’s the before shot that the realtor took of our little WC back in February of 2011. As you may remember I decided to just do a little mini makeover to freshen it up a little by deep cleaning the floor, re-grouting the tile, add wallpaper and some shelves. That faucet with the hot and cold dark olive knobs really bugged me though and I was really ready to do something about it. I had toyed with the idea to spray paint them silver (there are silver ones available, I know that from switching in our old kitchen, but they’re for a different brand and don’t fit here) but couldn’t even figure out how to remove them to do so.

Funny thing happened though and basically while I was kneeling on the floor under the sink in there trying to figure out where to switch the water off I got an e-mail asking if I would be interested in receiving a new Gustavsberg faucet. Speak of the devil!



They (who obviously hear prayers) offered to send me their Logic faucet designed by Jon Eliason (who I actually met once at a blog meet and who’s a super nice and funny guy). The faucet itself is really nice and kind of unobtrusive but check this out:



There are four color options for the lever! Guess which one I went for after I had my plumber help me install the faucet? Yes, I enlisted a pro for this. Marrying a 1954 sink (also Gustavsberg btw!) to a 2012 faucet was beyond my DIY skills I realized especially after I was warned that the old faucet and sink might have grown too fond of each other during their +50 years together and that the sink might crack trying to separate them. Luckily that wasn’t the case but picture me on the floor in there with half a sink on my lap and water spraying everywhere… Some things are just better left to the professionals.



And, yes, of course I went for white! And it was such an easy switch that I might actually switch to that pumpkin color on Halloween just for the fun of it!