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Chez Larsson

Wille’s Closet

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I’ve shown you revamps of the other sections of Wille’s closet before, here and here. I saved the middle section for last because it was the easiest. I always feel it’s best to tackle he harder stuff first and then know that everything will be easier from them on.



Here’s what the whole thing looked like before. The drawer unit  in the middle section we tossed right after moving in because we don’t need it. It was easy because you could just lift it out in one piece.



I used water based paint for the interior and some wallpaper for the shelves. Just nice and fresh, you know.



And here it is, his hanging space. The red basket at the bottom is for dirty laundry which he brings to the laundry room on request (or when he runs out of clean boxers…). Oh, and that white pile on the top shelf is bed lined. I find it easier to keep an extra set in his room than to keep it all together in one space since our bedrooms are two floors apart.