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Oh, Nutella, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.



I love thee to the fact that I for one morning (note to self: and one morning alone!) gave up my low carb diet to completely indulge in this ye basket of freshly baked bread, Nutella and sin. And indulge I did. I had five (5!) slices of deliciousness. And it was good. And worth it. Oh so worth it!



Over here in Sweden it’s quite uncommon to eat sweet breakfasts (other than cereals and even those are quite rationed by a lot of moms and dads) but when I grew up with parents who had lived in other parts of Europe for most of their lives until I arrived and when I myself traveled to visit relatives further south in Europe we often had Nutella on fresh Brötchen for breakfast. Or a thin chocolate bar between two pieces of bread for an afternoon snack for that matter. I say eat healthily the rest of the time and once in a while have some Nutella! It’s good for your soul!

Yes, this post was sort of brought to you by the people that want you to eat more Nutella but I wasn’t paid, just perked with a jar of delicious hazel nutty creaminess. Ah, Nutella how I love thee! And now Wille can finish off the jar while I’m not looking.