Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 310-316

November 5

Sis and bro hanging out in the living room.


November 6

Wille. Love.


November 7

Dinner. Still kind of eating the same old thing, but I like it.


November 8

Mini in one of her favorite spots.


November 9

Some more evidence that the holidays are approaching; first gingerbread cookies for Wille, mustard in a nice white porcelain pot for me (the sticker comes off) and the first Amaryllis.


November 10

Can you tell my favorite TP is on sale?

November 11

Bonus wakes me up really early on weekends and this Sunday was no exception. He first came in at 5 am and walked all over me until settling next to me on my pillow. After a good morning snooze and snuggle we finally got up at 7.30.

Today is Monday. Which kind of sucks.