Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 317-323

November 12

Wille’s Palladiums in the entry hall.


November 13

I had a bit of store credit which was about to expire so I got me some new cups. Turns out Wille can’t stand the droplet one because of his trypophobia so I’m hiding it away behind the others in the cabinet and will only use it when he’s not around. Too bad because it’s my favorite of the four. Again, don’t google trypophobia (it may freak you out). And now you all will of course.


November 14

Making a batch of low carb granola.


November 15

Miss Mini stole my spot on the armchair.


November 16

Mr Handsome in the cat cave (bat cave, cat cave – get it?). They like it better now that I’ve added a real sheepskin in there.


November 17

Breakfast for Wille.


November 18

First batch of untraditional (and some just plain weird) looking lussebullar. They usually look like this.

Monday already? Seriously, what happened to the weekend?