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Chez Larsson

To Pine or Not to Pine

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Great lamp bases are hard to find and if you buy retail they’re expensive so I can never resist one in a great shape when I go to the flea market or charity shop.

Check out my latest find. It’s BIG (I seem to have a thing for BIG right now and this is 43 cm/17 inches tall). It’s PINE (I haven’t had a thing for PINE in a loooong time. I think the last time I liked pine was when I did the bedrooms at IKEA in Warrington, UK, circa 1989 and didn’t mind the pine meets bright colors one we did there).

My immediate thought was to get it, sand it and spray it. The longer I’ve had it (a month or so) I’m thinking maybe I should sand it and varnish it. Have I gone mad? You tell me!

Happy weekend!

Ps. The lamp base was apparently made in February 1977 by “Egge” it says in handwriting on the bottom. Thank’s Egge, nice turning!