Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366: Day 338-344

December 3

Love this no fragrance Savon Marseille. So wintery. So white. So creamy. So perfect.


December 4

Late night bunny visits.


December 5

I shoveled a path so Mini and Bonus can get to the main path in the park and get some exercise. Later that night I shoveled the path twice more because of the amounts of snow we got that day.


December 6

Drinking a lot of tea to stay warm and cozy. Loving this brand for the cute cans. And it tastes great too. Also makes the perfect gifts.


December 7

Tree in da house. The nearby shopping center offers anyone spending over a certain amount in one of the stores a free tree and this is the second year I’ve taken them up on the offer.


December 8

Sun. And a well used kitty path.


December 9

Both Mini and Bonus are getting a little antsy with the cold weather and all the snow. Supposedly we’ll be having a white Christmas.

Have great week guys!