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Chez Larsson

366: Day 345-351

December 10


Nutty Mini. She’s been wild and crazy all week, super restless because of the snow and the cold.


December 11

Wille had a crazy lot to do at school last week and this week too. Maths exam, Chemistry exam and a Religion paper. Soon we’ll both be off school and work though for a couple of weeks. Yay!


December 12

As always when both kitties are in the same spot I dash over there with my camera.


December 13

New dish rack. I use my blender every morning to make a smoothie for breakfast and the jug didn’t fit on the smaller one I had before.


December 14

Behind on lighting the calendar candle.


December 16

Mini loves baskets and as soon as there’s an empty one jumps in. She also enjoys caves and tents and anything blankety. Here she’s a bit annoyed with me for ripping off the roof.


December 15

Anne came over on Saturday for dinner and I got this awesome yellow (!?) nativity nesting doll set. I love it!

Only two more weeks to go on the 366 project. It’s been easier this year than when I did it in 2010 but I probably won’t do one in 2013. Maybe every other year is the name of the game.