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Christmas Eve Spread

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As you may know I’m not a foodie or even into food a little bit. I did receive some requests to see what our Christmas spread looked like though so by popular demand I give you what we ate for Christmas.

There were only four people at the table (Wille, Martin, Cecilia and I) so we knew not to serve a ton of food and we skipped a lot of the traditional Christmas foods that we know no one eats anyway and stayed with what we really like.

I don’t know how much you know about our Swedish “julbord” (=Christmas table) tradition but it’s basically a smörgåsbord of traditional fish, meat, vegetables + bread and cheese. We picked our favorites which are smoked salmon with dill, four varieties of pickled herring + sour cream and chives + potatoes and eggs (my substitute for the potatoes). There was also Janssons Frestelse, a bit of cooked ham and smoked lamb shank. To top it off we had four different cheeses with crisp bread and after a bunch of sweets like saffron cake and chocolates like home made Mozart Kugelns.

Oh, and as for drinks we served Glögg on arrival, beer with the fish and wine throughout the evening + “julmust” which is a traditional Swedish Christmas soft drink. And that was it.

Ps. I'm taking the day off blogging tomorrow, so I'll see you again on Monday. Happy weekend!