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A Question From Deb


I got an e-mail from reader Deb last week:

Dear Benita.

On one of your posts you mentioned that you were tossing a lot of stuff this year in order to make your life simpler. Will you be doing some posts showing the results of your de-cluttering?

Thank you. Deb

I don’t think I will. No more than this one that is.

The reason being that the before and afters aren’t very dramatic. The de-cluttering is an ongoing thing in my house and most people probably think I don't have a lot of clutter or stuff to begin with.

What I do is more like opening cabinets that are already organized and fairly paired down and just consider everything that's in them. I ask myself if I use it now, if I see myself using it in the near or far future or if it's something I don't see myself using if it's something Wille might want a little later. After answering those questions I've removed the odd cups and glasses here and there and pared my belongings down even further by donating them to the local charity shop.

For instance, this cabinet contains all my glasses and cups. All of them. Plus a few other things. I guess I  could do with some nice taller stemware but apart from that I have more than enough and it all fits in this small cabinet. We used to have so much more but never ever got around to using it so over the course of the last few years I’ve narrowed it all down to this. When Martin and I split up I had him take the bulk part but ever since then I’ve narrowed it down further and further to the things I know I’ll use and love. If I ever throw a party for 50 I can rent the dishes, no need for me to stock all that in my kitchen.

So alas, no juicy befores and afters I’m afraid, Deb.


  • Sandy P. (USA) says:

    Good morning Benita! I hear you on the ongoing decluttering. I too have been on the decluttering mode … It feels good like a load off your shoulders. Just wondering though, your bed linens, aside of the one you have on the bed, do you keep an extra set for when you wash the current one? Or do you wash and put back on bed? My linen closet is next up on decluttering. Thanks!

  • I have an extra set for my bed and an extra for Wille’s bed and a spare set for guests + a few extra pillowcases. I also have some extra flat sheets which aren’t in use (wrong size for our beds) but might come in handy as white fabric which is why I’m hanging on to them.

  • Maiken says:

    Hmmm. This is what my glass cabinet looks like as well (the amount of glasses and cups) and I still think I have too much stuff. 🙂

  • Helen F says:

    Good Morning, Once again I think you are so right. Why keep a lot of thing just because it might come in handy one day.
    My mum past away this past fall and I’ve tried not to keep too much. A alot was just second hand plates and glasses, but there were also some thing that I love. So I’m in the process of sorting out and figure out what too keep of the few boxes that are left.
    Do you have any tips in organizing photos? We’ve kept family picures and picures of moms friends. But how to start organizing? What’s the first step.
    I find your blog a great inspiration. And I love what you’ve done to your and Willies house.

  • dede says:

    Nice to see you don’t have much plastic. I hate drinking out of plastic glasses!

  • Leena says:

    Ah, if only I could achieve this. Well I could, but my boyfriend is in the way… I need to convince him once again that we do not need all the cups and glasses.

  • Lisa says:

    Great tips on the questions to ask oneself in the decluttering process. Thanks!

  • Tiina says:

    I’m a terrible hoarder of glassware and dish so that picture above could never be from my cabinet. On the other hand I toss away lots of other stuff and recycle so the harmony is somehow accomplished. My motto is to get rid of things I haven’t used in a year.

  • Catherine says:

    Oh, I so wish I could get to this. We literally have 25 coffee cups and my husband is the only person who drinks coffee and tea. We don’t entertain often either. It is craziness to me but he won’t part with them! He is not much of a clutter bug with anything else so I have to forgive him this one. 🙂

  • I also don’t like plastic but I do have a row of plastic beakers that come in handy outside sometimes but I’m quite tempted to get rid of them. Wille uses them quite frequently though so I’ll have to consult him 🙂

  • Sorry for the late answers to your comments today but Typepad was a bit off this morning on my work computer.

  • Heather P. says:

    I feel like that too. I recently went through my closet and dresser to get rid of things I no longer wear, and if I had posted pics of it, I don’t think anyone would notice the difference. It’s not like I gutted the closet, just got rid of things that were in too poor of shape to fix, didn’t fit, and weren’t going to be worn anytime soon. As for the dresser, I’m not really comfortable putting up pics of my ratty old underwear online…so that project stayed off the blog for obvious reasons.
    I’m hoping to do more projects about whittling down my possessions, but I agree that it’s hard when it’s an ongoing project, and one that we often do in short, hardly noticeable spurts. Maybe when we move in a few months, I will have more to report…but until then, it’s all about finding time to do what I can!

  • andrea says:

    We’re going to have to do a “Frühjahrsputz” this year. Like Catherine we own around 25 or more cups and we always use the same. We definitely have to consider every item in our kitchen, closet and living rooms. I started with our basement last Sunday and was pretty amazed how much you can achieve in 1.5 hours. Okay, it’s a really tiny cubicle but now it’s nice and clean and feels pretty roomy ^^

  • Lisa says:

    Wow. My stash of things will never, ever be that small.
    Not that I want them to be either though.
    But it must be nice to be able to let go of things so easily,
    after all, they are not what’s important.
    I’m always fighting my upbringing: I was taught the mindset of an older generation. The “That might come in handy” way of thinking, combined with the notion that you should keep gifts, whether you like them or not, all solidly resting on the base of keeping the “good” things for guests, and not using the nicest things other than at the rarest occasion.
    It’s lucky I’m so picky, otherwise I’d be a fullblown hoarder…

  • Ah, that sounds just like my mom, she saves everything that she’be given however ugly or useless. Glad you’re picky! I grew up with not using the living room, it was for special occasions and only using the best for guests. I’m the opposite, if I don’t like I donate and I always use my best and if I don’t that goes too! 🙂

  • I’d love to know what do you drink your wine out of? Is it the glasses on the bottom lest? I’m asking because my stemware broke and I am trying to decide whether I should buy stemware or just nice glasses.

  • Yes, I drink wine from those. They’re Lempi from Iittala I am on the look out for some nice taller stemware though but am unsure of exactly what I want and if I’ll get much use out of it once I have it :).