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Chez Larsson

Chop Chop

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Anne came over on Saturday for dinner and much needed conversation.



I made dinner where both the starter and main course happened to have Asian influences but realized I didn’t have any nice chop sticks. I’ve been to China god knows how many times but can’t set the table with three sets of chop sticks because I’ve used them all as paint stirrers… I did have these that where left over from previous take out dinners though.



I figured I could swap out those little sleeves around the chop sticks with something prettier so I took inventory of my craft papers and found these three contenders that would go with the polka dot napkins I wanted to use.



I went for the triangles and it was just a matter of cutting the paper to double the width, snipping off a corner and gluing the side and bottom shut.



The polka dot napkins are by Marimekko by the way. I got them at the Marimekko store here in Stockholm as a surprise thank you gift for signing up for their news letter.



And there they are my spruced up chop sticks. Chop chop!