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Living Room Before & After

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Today I’m sharing a before and after of our living room. I’m trying to become friends with my wide angle lens. I don’t love it, I much prefer my 50 mm 1.4, but the wide angle does come in handy for shooting interiors. My lens doesn’t have quite as wide an angle as the realtor’s photographer had for the photo above though so I can’t really take the exact same shot but close enough.

Anyway above is the before which was taken two years ago. The kitchen wall and door was still up, the walls and ceiling were dingy and there was quite a bit of orange pine going on in the staircase.



Two years later, it’s all mostly white although there is a grey wall in the office nook, the staircase is getting whiter and whiter and most noticeable, the kitchen wall is gone. I love the open plan and how light it is which is what attracted me to the house in the first place. The back of the house faces south west which our old house also did and I’ll remind myself to look for that in any future homes because it’s the best!