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Young House Love Book

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Last week it finally arrived, three months late, my copy of Young House Love, the book!

About a year ago Sherry got in touch to ask if I would like to contribute a project to the book and of course I said yes. I submitted my project and we kept in touch via e-mail to sort out little details and as the book was getting ready to be launched back in October (the release date was early November) hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States and caused havoc and my copy was held up somewhere/with someone until it finally arrived last week.



The project I contributed with (no.241) was my big front of house project and it’s great to see it in print because it’s one of my favorite projects in this house as it made such a huge impact.



As for the rest of the book, I love it!. It’s just the type of book I’d love to have written if my book/literary agent thing hadn’t gone sour on me a few years ago. This book is funny, informative and has tons of (well at least 243) great projects. Some easy quick ones and some that require a bit more work.



One of my favorite ones is no.140, make decal art. Can definitely see me trying this out sometime in the future.




I also love no.10, reusing Lack tables in three ways. Totally my brainstorm way of thinking.

All in all a great book and a major accomplishment for Sherry and John.

Thank you so much guys for having me in it!