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I’m letting my hair grow after three years with a short do and I figured I’d try and see if I can get it in it’s best condition ever by taking better care of it than just a cheapo shampooing every other day.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but my mom was a hair dresser back in the 50’s. I’m telling you this again because I’m trying to justify a major splurge. On a hair brush.

The thing is that my mom still has the same hair brush that I remember from my childhood when she’d do her daily up-do’s and I think she got that hair brush in the early days of her then career. So I figure that if I get the best brush there is and hold on to it and use it every day until the day I die it’s not been that pricey per brush stroke. Right?!

So to sum it up daily brushing, good shampoo & co and vitamins are now on the menu for my strands.

Happy weekend!

Ps. Google reader is shutting down July 1st. If you're wondering how to best read blogs, I totally recommend Bloglovin'.


  • Katy says:

    I have a Mason Pearson too and they really are amazing. Good choice!!

  • Leena says:

    I have two natural bristle hairbrushes too (not this brand) on a wood handle and I love them, I’ve had both for years.

  • Maja says:

    I have to buy this brush, love the “old” look! And: I love bloglovin!

  • Zosia says:

    I like the box and I do believe that things well made and lasting a long time are worth the money.
    Thank you for the Bloglovin’ tip. I saw the notice from Google Reader yesterday and was worried how I will keep up with my blog subscriptions after July 1st.
    Trevlig helg!

  • Helena says:

    looking forward to seeing you rock your long hair-do 🙂

  • So, you wrote that summary about yourself in 2008 and you said that you didn’t want to stay in the job for more than ten years and that you were on year seven.
    What happened next? Did you move to another job? Or maybe the job changed so you are happy with it now?
    I like the idea of a ten year block of time to really achieve something before moving to something else.

  • Älvan says:

    How you brush your hair has a lot of impact on it so it’s always good to have the best hairbrush!

  • Lisbeth says:

    Thanks a lot for the head-up on Bloglovin! Was wondering what to do when reader retires..

  • Isa says:

    After reading the notice from Google Reader yesterday, I started googling for a new Reader, but wans’t sastified with any reader that I’ve found. I think I’m sticking with Bloglovin. I like it! Thank you for the tip.

  • RC in NY says:

    Have had the identical Mason Pearson for the past 30 years – there’s no other kind for me!
    Also, organic virgin coconut oil, taken internally and also applied directly to hair and scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment, works wonders for thickening up hair.

  • Ellen says:

    YES! I have been considering this splurge for myself for a while now. I even wrote to the company to help determine which style of brush would work best for me. They wrote back with SUCH an impressive level of customer care that I was blown away! A very lengthy and thoughtful response that answered my all of my questions arrived in my inbox the next day.
    I hope you enjoy it! Good luck with growing your hair out, Benita. It can be a long haul. My goal (from a pixie cut for years) is a ponytail–but for now I have a mullet. Any tips on avoiding the mullet stages?? Thanks!

  • I switched jobs within the company. Went from visual merchandising to social media and am quite happy 🙂

  • Ooh, great tip. Wonder where I can get that. Will google!

  • LOVE good customer service! I survived the mullet stage by not looking in a rear view mirror for six months…

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    Hi there! Is your brush boar hair or is it nylon OR combination of both? Have a good weekend!

  • Mine is nylon only which they recommended for my type of hair. The one my mom has is a combo of boar and nylon but her hair has completely different texture from mine.

  • Kelly says:

    I think healthy hair is definitely related to good eating. I’m eating the best I have in probably my entire life and my hair is much fuller than it was when I was younger.

  • Susan says:

    Hello, thanks for the tip – I will miss my Google reader for sure.
    I began growing my hair out almost 4 years ago – it requires bravery but so worth it. You can do it!

  • Vandegee says:

    got a m & p brush for christmas a few years ago. love it. Unfortunately, I have abused it due to battles with lice with the younger kids – I kept putting all our brushes in boiling water. Still works, just doesn’t look quite as lovely as it used to! 🙂
    Do you take specific vitamins for hair? Or just multi?

  • LisaZ says:

    I’d say keep getting the back shortened until it matches the front more, then grow it all out together. You’ll be happier in the process, even though it’s hard to cut length while you’re in a growing out mood.

  • LisaZ says:

    I love well made products! Especially English and Scandinavian things–as an American they seem somewhat exotic as well as substantial and time-proven. Everything here is so newfangled all the time!
    I love that article about your family. What an enchanted set of photos and childhood you seem to have had. It’s wonderful that you speak so many languages too. My 14-year old daughter is very interested in languages but here in the US we don’t teach them enough. I’m considering homeschooling her so she can focus on language learning more, and we can take many trips as she gets older!

  • I take specific vitamins for hair. I tossed the box they came in but they’re called “Hair Volume”, a Swedish product apparently. I went in to the drug store to get vitamin B and came out with that :).

  • Thanks for the google reader replacement recommendation. I am kind of panicked about this! I don’t think you can go wrong with buying quality. It will become, recognizably, yours. But you need years for that to happen with an object and junk just doesn’t last that long.

  • Debra says:

    I absolutely love your short “do”. Not everyone can wear such short hair, but you have the face for it. Also love your hair colour! And, I’m assuming it’s easy peasy to take care of. “Wash and Go” type of thing! I had a “funeral” for my tresses. After menopause I can do nothing w/ my hair. Sigh. C’est la vie and all of that!

  • Thank you! I was looking for an alternative to Google Reader and just signed up for Bloglovin to try it out.
    Grace Hester
    The Productive Mom

  • Monica H. says:

    Thanks for the Bloglovin suggestion!

  • Marcia M says:

    You were so adorable, the pics are lovely, i love your family pictures, OMG i’m still smiling 🙂

  • Leena says:

    In Finland coconut oil is sold in standard food stores next to the other oils. I’ve found also organic virgin coconut oil from the same aisle. Perhaps in sweden this is sold in the same place…

  • Marcia M says:

    Oh, very nice tip, i will try it out. I have seen a lot of coconut oil for sale on drugstores but never took the time to search its uses, now i will look for it. Thanks!

  • Will have a look next time I’m in a bigger grocery store, thanks!

  • Dorothy Monks says:

    I made the same decision in July 2011, to have one more attempt at long hair. I took one self-photo every month as encouragment and kept in my mind I had bad hair days even when it was short. Now it is long enough to tie up, 20 months later and I love it. Who knows what lengths I mught go to! I am a hairdresser too and would recommend the Mason Pearson for lasting qualities to clients who like the evening brushing routine but it does not add volume the way a rounder brush will. I am sure you will want at least one other brush Benita.

  • I do have a round brush (of lesser quality) for when I (rarely) blow dry :).

  • Ela from Blackforest says:

    These are really the best brushes. However, I read on the internet that you can buy these relatively expensive brushes also on animal shop. M.P. been selling their brushes for dogs, exactly the same as for human hair only lot cheaper… Tip of hairdressers at the http://www...
    As written, I have read that often on hairblogs.
    Since I’m a Curly Girl, however, I do not brush for years more …
    LG from the Black Forest

  • adesigndiary says:

    I love Mason Pearson brushes..they are the best, it has to be said. I used to have one myself but left it at a friends house on a trip back to South Africa a few years ago and she “threw”it out..I was absolutely horrified and so was she when I told her what I had paid for it in pounds! (At the time the exchange rate of SA Rand to British pound was about R15 to one!) A few tears were shed and I had to make do with a lesser brand purchased locally in Dubai but it is still a pure bristle brush…my hair is super fine and I cannot use anything else without risking major hair loss! Good luck with the “grow-out”phase Benita…always a challenge…
    Jules Dubai

  • Älvan says:

    I found organic coconut oil (Kung Markatta) in ICA last time I was there. I usually brush it in the evening before washing and let it sit during the night. A rinse with apple cider vinegar dilutet in water after washing helps “close” the hairs so they are shinier and smoother, althouch you smell like salad dressing until the hair is dry 🙂

  • Miltoncat says:

    I love love love love my MP brush! I have a white handle boar mix. I will never buy another brush and with this, I’ll never need to!

  • Lisa says:

    I don’t think those brushes are that great for fine hair. I know that is probably sacrelige, but I think there are much healthier brushes made for finer hair. And it is never good to pay so much for a brush that you wouldn’t want to throw it away. A brush is sort of like a toothbrush. It should be utilized for a short time, then discarded for health reasons. Keeping a brush for years is not the best health choice.
    Finally, I think your hair looks great short. I have longer hair (past my shoulders) but if I looked as good with short hair as you do, I would probably just go with it.

  • Mal says:

    I just bought a new Denman brush, as the rubber in the old one was deteriorating, when I thought about it I realised it was at least 25 years old, so I have had value from it. These have different types of bristles, but are always set in a rubber base. I had hair at hip length when I first had it, and it didn’t drag my hair at all Must look into Mason Pearson eventually. Best wishes, Mal