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NYC Past

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I came across this very cool Tumblr the other day. Ah-mazing photos of New York City past. Check it out and enjoy!


  • Judith says:

    Ohhh. Those are wonderful. I’m sure life had its ups and downs back then just like today, but pictures like this make it seem so romantic. Love the Camel ad – I guess they figured the lure of lovely carbon monoxide wasn’t enough, but also had to point out that their tobacco cost more? 😉

  • Dana in CT says:

    I love old photos of NYC. I grew up on the upper east side until my mid-20s. I love NYC but could not live there anymore! I can’t imagine raising children there – no way could we afford to send our kids to schools like I went to and remotely live the way I did. We would have to be billionaires. And we are not 🙂
    I have a really cool book of photographs of NYC from the past. Buildings that have long since been lost like the old Penn Station and shots of the incredible Croton Reservoir that was where the current Public Library is. I wish I could loan it to you!
    Also – a wonderful book that is a cool story and brings old New York to life: Jack Finney “Time and Again”.

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    They’re definitely amazing black and white photos that would look awesome framed. I for one LOVE NYC! My husband and I make it a point to go to NYC at least three times a month whether it me for a show, dinner or just to hang out. We’re only about 20 minutes away. We’re from New Jersey. If we could live there, I’d be there in a NY minute! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and hope you & Wille have a blast of a time during your stay in NYC.

  • Lisa says:

    Very cool!! I bet you and Wille are counting the minutes!!

  • ella says:

    i love those pictures, thanks for pointer…its on my list but havent made it just yet

  • Sue says:

    My sister and I have just come back from NYC. On a recommendation from Liberty London Girl we went to the Museum of Art and Design (MAD). I was very disappointed in that two of the floors were closed. They gave us a reduced entry price but that did not compensate as it was the furniture and jewellery displays that we missed. Very disappointing.
    LLG’s recommendation for the restaurant , Robert is spot on . Great views over Central Park even if you don’t get one of the tables right by the windows.