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Chez Larsson

Project 52: Week 12

Week 12

12 weeks. 40 to go.

This week I was out of my comfort zone. I went to an event. I get invited to all kinds of things on a weekly basis by PR people and maybe about once a year I accept. The thing with these events is that I feel really shy and awkward there. It feels like everyone knows each other but me. They probably don’t all know each other, it’s just that their mingling and networking skills are 100% better than mine. I usually just get stuck in a corner and watch and wish I were home. This time however I was invited to actually contribute to the event, I had something to do, a task. So I accepted. I’ll tell you more later this week, there may even be a video.

Apart from the event (which kind of affected the entire week because I don’t usually stay out that late on a weekday (or any day actually) I finished the stairs and I got a glimpse of all the stair cleaning that my future holds.