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Remember these from back in August?



Well, I finally sorted all my keys and once again tried to determine which ones go where. Last time around I just tried them and relied on remembering which ones go where but this time I decided to do it properly by really labeling them all. Even the “obvious” ones which I realized aren’t obvious at all after I tried to tell Wille over the phone which ones go to the garage. Picture me going “there are two keys, kind of squareish but not really, slightly golden, or maybe silvery”. Yeah, that kind of applies to all the keys.



I also sorted our pad locks out. We have five of them (one’s in use in the garage) but about 30 pad lock keys. Needless to say they don’t all go in these five pad locks, some have been lost over the years so I once and for all numbered the locks and the matching keys + after this shot was taken added labels to the extra key/s leaving one in the lock and the rest in the shoe locker where all the keys in use are stored.

I’m holding on to the rest of the keys in a box in the basement so in case a missing lock magically appears I know where to look for the matching key. I would have loved to toss them but am afraid that if I do I’ll find where it would have gone right after.



I love the uniform look of the label holders. And yes, I did keep the jail cell, weapons cabinet labels behind my new ones.



And there they are in their spot in the entry hall. I added a few more after this was taken after Wille woke up because I had to consult him on his bike keys and on some of the pad locks. So pleased that we can now both find the right keys for everywhere all the time.

Oh, just so you know in case you missed it in yesterday’s post, I’m off to see my mom tomorrow and will be away until Saturday which means this is the last post of the week.