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Chez Larsson

Wille’s Birthday


The day after we got back from New York it was Wille’s 19th Birthday. We didn’t get to celebrate it much because it was also the day of “högskoleprovet” which is an exam you can take to increase you chances to get into the best universities. Wille’s not going to apply this year but wanted to do the test (for the second time, you can take it twice a year) just to brush up on HOW the test is done so he can do well in it when he’s ready to study further.



That meant an early birthday start for him (5.30 am on a Saturday…). And for me because I still wanted there to be cake with candles in the morning. All the shopping we did in New York was my gift to him so he didn't actually get to open presents but I still wanted there to be cake.



I made the little flags by cutting out diamond shapes from craft paper and gluing them into triangles onto tooth picks using mini clothes pegs to hold them in place when drying the night before.



In the evening Martin and I celebrated a tired (the test is 8 hours long) and jet lagged son with a simple but tasty dinner. We had meant to go have birthday dinner in a nice restaurant in the city but were both too tired. Next year!

My boy’s 19!

Ps. Willie says thank you for the many birthday greetings after we got back!

Pps. Happy weekend!