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Chez Larsson

A Bag

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So I finally bought a bag. A bag. Not THE bag. After looking online, in New York and in Stockholm I finally realized that I wouldn’t find THE bag and settled for A bag.



I found it at NK (which is the fanciest department store in Stockholm and where I used to work as a window dresser eons ago). It’s by Gianni Chiarini who I’d never heard of before (or since). It’s black. It’s leather. It’s east-west despite the fact that I wanted north-south. It’s roomy and has some interior pockets. It’s got a chunky zipper closure (good in snowy weather conditions). It had a dingly dangly thing hanging off the handle but I tossed that.

I’m not 100% sure about it to be honest. It’s got some plus points but like I said it’s not THE bag but after looking for quite a while I just felt like not looking any longer and just make a decision. In the end it’s just a bag for carrying stuff around and that this one does do.

Ps. Remember my basement stairs? Chasing Paper has a couple of fun new designs out. Love the Anchors Away. Ahoy!