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Chez Larsson

Project 52: Week 20

Week 20

First of all THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for being so encouraging and nice about the change here at the blog. I’m so happy that you understand.

This past week I’ve been trying to get my lawn together by watering it in the evenings and covering the barest patches with this white cloth that lets sun and water in and acts a bit like a greenhouse. No action in the germination department yet though. So frustrating although I do know it usually takes a couple of weeks. Impatient me. Mini LOVES the white cloth though and has claimed it as her best playground ever. It’s where she spends her days, she lies underneath and occasionally you can see her walk along the whole length of it like a little mole. My best girl!

Bonus has his pal Diesel over all the time and Mini’s been quite tolerant as long as he stays on lawn or on the deck. If he tries to take so much as a peek inside the house though she gets furious and chases him off. She makes a good guard cat, Mini.

Have a good week!

Ps. I’m going to attempt to switch back to threaded comments again. Please let me know via e-mail benita(at)chezlarsson(dot)com if you can’t comment! Switching back to un-threaded since it doesn't appear to work.