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Site Problems



I'm having some issues with my site right now. Some of you will see the above when trying to comment. IS registered with PairNic but something's gone wrong and their developers are looking into the problem. Hopefully it will soon be resolved!

Thank you, Sunny, for letting me know I'm not the only one seing the problem and for sending the the screen print!


  • I saw the PairNIC image myself a few days ago. I refreshed the webpage and it came back perfectly fine, as usual. Hoping that it gets fixed quickly 🙂

  • tinajo says:

    I got that here at your place the other day, but figured I had clicked wrong somewhere. Now I understand why – hope they solve it quickly!

  • L says:

    I discovered you through . . . I think it was YoungHouseLove, about three years ago. Have always marveled at your regular posting in spite of having a “real” life to live.
    So, in spite of the fact that I’ll miss having Chez Larsson as a guaranteed new post every morning with my oatmeal, I understand your decision.
    Hope your “new” life is fully satisfying and prospers; I’ll hope to share bits of it when you do post!

  • Margo Ayotte says:

    Good for you, as much as I enjoy your blog it is your blog to do with as you like and sometimes life just takes over. I have always looked forward to receiving a new post in my inbox and thank you for sharing.
    I will enjoy reading Chez Larsson in the future no pressure when ever you feel like sharing tid bits on how you are doing and perhaps a new project.
    Meanwhile enjoy a wonderful Summer and wishing you good times ahead.
    Margo on Vancouver Island