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Chez Larsson

The Catwalk

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No, neither Wille nor I are modeling, we’re talking about a proper catwalk here. When the snow melted and everything got wet and dirty, including my white sofas after Mini and Bonus came inside and jumped straight onto them, I decided to figure out a way to prevent at least a little bit of that. See that piece of timber there on the wheelbarrow? That’s the catwalk.



See, both Mini and Bonus like to cross right over this flower bed when going to our neighbors yard. They ALWAYS walk along the edge there on the right. Rain or shine.



So what I did was put down a left over piece of the decking timber cut to size along the edge for them to walk on. Ha!



And do they use it? YES! I guess they don’t like to get their paws dirty if they don’t have to. And once the hydrangeas get bushy and everything else pops up in the flower bed later this spring and summer you won’t even notice the catwalk. Mission accomplished.