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The Office/Crafts Closet

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When I moved my clothes downstairs and later switched from the Expedit shelf to the Snow cabinets I basically just shoved all my office and craft stuff into the former closet opposite my desk. The arrangement worked temporarily but didn’t feel organized and because I’d used up two of the shelves earlier (when I didn’t need them) for a project the space wasn’t used to its full potential.

A couple of weeks ago we got a bigger bed for Wille and as I ordered it online from IKEA I added a set of two shelves for the Pax closet too.

Oh, and yes, the shelves ARE bowing in that photo, it’s not JUST the wide angle lens’ fault. The shelves are too long to hold the weight of the magazines.



So with the help of Miss Mini I started out by emptying out all that was in there and wiped all the shelves down. I put 95% of it back inside except for some of the vintage wallpaper we found last year which is going back into the attic with the rest of it.



After adding the two new shelves, moving the heavy magazines to the bottom and splitting up the Muji drawer units it all came together nicely. There’s still an issue with a bowing shelf but I’ll be addressing that in a separate post when I’ve fixed it. I know what to do but haven’t had the time to do it. You know how it is.

Anyway, I’m pleased with the result so far. It feels tidy and organized which was what I wanted.