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Chez Larsson




As you probably know if you’ve read this blog a while my cooking skills aren’t great. I’m not that into food and cooking but we all have to eat so I do cook almost every day. I have one of those induction hobs and until the other day I didn’t understand why I kept messing up my frying pans since living in this house. They ended up warped and the non stick surface started looking funky after a while.

It turns out that apparently I turn the hob on too hot and fry the pan along with the food in it! Since I’m always doing things at a quick pace and want cooking to be a swift thing so I can turn my attention to other more interesting stuff I’ve always used the “booster” setting to warm the pan up. Apparently that exceeds what a poor pan can take in terms of heat. Oops! I’m sorry Panny I and Panny II, RIP.

Anyway, Maria came to my rescue once again (I swear she’s psychic!) and offered me to try out the new Hackman NOH (Non-Overheatable) technology frying pan. This thing is like it was made for kitchen failures like myself as it never exceeds 230 degrees C which is the top end of what a pan can endure (and more than enough to fry food…). Also it doesn’t just shut itself off at 230, it keeps that temperature (if that’s what you want) so the frying process can continue. On a more normal cooking level. Duh.

Anyway, I’ve tried it out a couple of times since I got it and it works perfectly. No more charred bits and the pan itself is still flat bottomed (like myself). The only downside is that it’s on the small side. I’m used to a 28 cm (11”) pan and this is only 24 cm (9 1/2”) which is a burger off in my pro kitchen terms. Maybe I’ll learn to live with it, maybe I’ll have to get me another larger NOH pan. Time will tell!

Thank you Maria and Hackman!