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Land of the Midnight Sun

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10.56 pm

It’s at nights like this that I realize I live in the land of the midnight sun. Looking at the watch rather than at how dark it is outside determines bedtime.

Happy Midsummers Eve!


  • Beautiful photo and awesome country! Happy Midsummers Eve! Have a very special celebration 🙂

  • Jill says:

    I love this time of year. The grass looks great.

  • Susan says:

    Yes the grass is looking good!
    I am a reader in Zurich but I’m American and from Alaska specifically 🙂 So Midsummer is near and dear to my heart. It’s at this time of year that I get especially homesick 🙂

  • Libris says:

    Hyvää juhannusta!
    Hurdant är det att fira juhannus i Svierige? Är det samma än här i Finland?

  • etta says:

    We had our winter solstice celebration last night, Melbourne, Australia. Have been driving in thick fog till midday! Your garden is beautiful.

  • Libris – Jag har aldrig firat i Finland så jag vet faktiskt inte :).

  • Peggy says:

    Now THAT is a beautiful lawn! Emerald IS the Pantone color of the year and you have it spot on all over your yard! Such a trend-setter you are, Benita!
    And a Happy Midsummer’s Night to all! I always feel so Puck-ish when I say that! 😉

  • Zosia says:

    I spent a few June days at the Isle of Sky in Scotland once and experienced a night like this. A beautiful, but also a strange feeling if you are not used to it. It was hard to sleep.
    Happy Solstice.

  • Wow! That is amazing. Note to self: visit Scandanavia in June!!

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    Wow!! That’s amazing and beautiful at the same time! I’ve heard of it from my husband’s co-workers (they’re Swedes), but I’ve never seen a picture of it. I had invisioned something totally different … like really bright, but it’s not is it?

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    The tradition for mid summer’s eve is fabulous (I googled) They never told me any of that of course! Did you do any of the traditions? I love the picking of flowers and making a wreath.

  • kari jo says:

    just stunning.

  • Libris says:

    Benita, in midsummer eve here in Finland people go to their summer houses, barbeque and set bonfires on lakeshores. Eating new potatoes with herrings is one tradition. Sauna is a must.

  • nalani says:

    Happy Midsommer!
    We had a beach yoga session just after sunrise today. Perfecto!

  • Josseline Wood says:

    Wow! We’re in Virginia, 9 pm and we are enjoying a beautiful evening. Not as stunning as yours but we’re loving it. You are probably sound asleep by now. Sweet dreams!

  • Hej Benita 🙂
    I was in Stockholm this time last year (my boyfriend and I took some time out from an Australian winter – which yes, does exist!) and found the midnight sun to be amazing. It was such a wonderful experience, to have that much sunlight. We would often go to bed at around 11:00pm, and then wake up due to jet lag at 2:00am – only to find it was light outside! I took a series of photos very much like this one – and then made sure to show all of my friends, and tell them “yes, it was 11:00pm/3:00am when this was taken!”. I also found the sunlight itself to have a very different quality in Sweden than in Australia. Over here, in summer the sun is so hot and bright – but in Sweden, it was quite pleasant even during the height of summer!
    I’m very jealous, and can’t wait for our extra sunlight in another 6 months. I hope you enjoyed your midsummer very much 🙂
    – Jessamy

  • Marianne says:

    I visited Norrbotten several times many years ago. I remember the sun shinning at night and forgetting to go to bed the first few nights. Really loved it.

  • the spectator says:

    And happy Winter Solstice from Down Under!
    Do you experience difficulty in getting to sleep with it being so light outside?

  • Sandy – It’s not bright, more of a dusky feeling. I’m not big on the traditions other than eating the pickled herring :).
    Libris – Over here tradition is dancing around the may pole, having dinner (gravlax, pickled herring, new potatoes etc) outside. Not much Sauna going on though :).
    The Spectator – It can be difficult to sleep but the most difficult part is remembering to go to bed in the first place because it doesn’t feel that late :).

  • Caitlin says:

    Crazy! Get it while you can!

  • Mia Gutierrez says:

    How wonderful! Although this would be fatal for me, as I never really look at my watch and I would definitely oversleep the next morning, but I do so love being outdoors when it is still light.