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Chez Larsson

Midsummer’s Eve

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So last Friday was Midsummer’s Eve. Wille and I are not really big on traditions (other than the ones we make up ourselves) so we didn’t have any proper plans for the day. Wille was off later in the evening to see some friends and I stayed at home doing my thing.



After a day of yard work for me and recuperating after a week at the office for Wille we did have some of the traditional fare for dinner though. I hardly ever drink beer (much prefer wine) but on this occasion with this type of food there’s nothing better than a cold beer.



This stuff is so good. Wille and I both love it but we both agreed it shouldn’t be eaten too often or it would spoil how good it is when we do eat it. Several varieties of pickled herring, smoked salmon, sour crème and eggs. Wille also had tiny new potatoes while I went for avocado instead. Yum.