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You know how I’m all about Mini and Bonus, our feline family members, but I don’t know if you know that I actually grew up with one to three dogs around all the time.

When I was little and before I came along mom and dad had a very stubborn (and very, very lovely) mixed breed called Trixi and after that we had a succession of beautiful Greyhounds and Salukis; Cilly (Cilly Ponderoza), Tiggy (Tigra Ponderoza), Onyx (Onyx Princess), Nana (Banana Split), Liza (Lickety Split), Slingan (Goldfinger), Winston and Rahma.

Needless to say I love dogs just as much as I love cats and I have to tell Wille to remind me occasionally that I don’t want a dog. See, as much as I love my power walks I’m no good at walking dogs. I love cuddling with them and caring for them but I‘m not loving the three times a day rain or shine walks, so no dog for me.

When I came across this online store yesterday though my heart stared to yearn a little again. Just look at all the doggy goodness! And at the good doggies! Houndworthy is like the doggy version of one of my other online favorite stores. I love it! 

Ps. Morgan at Houndworthy sent me a short note via e-mail about their store yesterday but has no idea I’m writing this today. I know a whole bunch of you have dogs so I thought I'd share.


  • Peggy says:

    Oh, doesn’t your heart just melt when you see those big, beautiful creatures? I’ll take two, please. But someone else needs to actually walk them; I’m with you, Benita! They’re like grandchildren–spoil them rotten and then send them home with mom and/or dad!

  • MelD says:

    LOL I love dogs, too, especially big ones (Leonbergers, anyone?!) but after dealing with my crossbreed Hamish in old age (I wouldn’t have been able to pick him up in an emergency) I will be sticking with smaller dogs, now, I think – like my cute English Cocker, such a diva!
    My daughter adores your kind of athletic dog (is there a name for “Windhund” in English?! I don’t even know!!), she loves the long thin snouts; collies, too! They are such beautiful and elegant dogs, I (short/dumpy) would look funny walking one… 😉 My spaniel is easy, she is just as happy in the garden and coming along most places I go as she is if we take a long hike, she is such a merry character, always cheerful, which is a great mood enhancer!
    Loved the rather unusual collection of doggie goods in this store Houndworthy <3

  • Cookie says:

    Aww Benita, dont deny yourself the companionship of a wonderful dog. What about a small breed that doesnt need all that walking, an inside dog, it would certainly suit your climate.
    …Cookie xx

  • Andrea says:

    Oooh my boyfriend will hate you for this post, Benita 😉 Everybody mocks me because I buy so much stuff for my baby ( that’s him, Prince Hamlet of Denmark)
    Though I know what you mean about walking them etc. I’m glad Hamlet is such a tiny thing, he’s good with two 20min and one longer walk per day. Plus the occasional 1-2 hour walk. He’s actually more of a cat 😉 Sleeping all day, playing, eating…

  • L says:

    Lovely! Didn’t know about the store, but I dearly love Greyhounds (had 400 once — raised racers)! I have a Lab at this time; she’s what keeps me on my walking program: 30 minutes every morning, sometimes after work, too. I don’t have to walk her in the rain, because we have a large fenced yard. Thanks for the post!

  • Anya says:

    I love Salukis they were my University mascot. They do need lots of walking however so its cats for me as well. Thanks for the shop link, lots of goodies for non-canine folks as well.

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    Thanks Benita! I love getting things for Simon our shih tzu! One can easily spoil their pet like a child whether it be a dog or cat. I LOVE animals! I’ve had cats growing up (one that resembled Bonus very much)but for whatever reason, now that I’m older, I have the biggest allergic ugly reaction to cats and dogs (Shih Tzu’s are hypoallergenic dogs so I’m good). Dogs give you sooooo much love. They never get mad at you, always there for you AND they go with the flow when you decorate, redecorate, move things around and never complain of the changes! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

  • Missy says:

    I met a little Italian Greyhound who used a litter box. I was amazed.

  • Thank you for sharing! Italian Greyhounds are so beautiful.

  • ~Michelle says:

    I love little doggies. You know you can litter train the small ones, right???
    Here in the USA only city apartment dwellers (like me) have to walk the dogs. The vast majority of dog owners have a yard and it’s fenced in so they just let the dog in and out 2-3 times a day. It’s an option!

  • Sage says:

    Benita, the names of your (8 !) childhood dogs are amazing and so creative – LOVE them all. I shall save the list for next time I’m in need of a cat name!
    We lost a (2nd) Dalmatian a few months ago at 14 and a previous one about ten years ago and before that had West Highland White Terriers. We still have an older Tibetan terrier and many cats who live with us, plus I feed quite a few healthy but homeless kitties. I always name the homeless ones too and they know their names so they come when I call them if they are nearby.
    If you have photos to go with the great names would love to see them!

  • Sage – The long names were actually breeder’s names. Most of the doggies were adopted because they needed new homes so we just called them something similar so as not to confuse them too much :).

  • jja says:

    I also had dogs before and I love them so much!
    I don’t like the option of having a dog and not walking him (I even think this is so sad), then just letting him hang around in yard, so thats why better no dog then bad keeping habits.

  • jja – I have to say I agree with you.

  • Jamie B. says:

    My mom fell in love with Salukis when she was a young woman so we always had at least one and as many as ten at a time. She showed them too but only for fun, nothing hardcore. However I grew up on a property of five acres that was fenced, I couldn’t imagine owning a hound like that without somewhere for them to run off leash, it just doesn’t seem fair. And I’m exactly like you, when it’s -20 and I’m watching people walk their dogs I’m so grateful I have a cat, lol.

  • I always had dogs, all my life. Now I have with me the sweetest Rottwieler in the whole world, her name is “Calma de los Glaciares” and “Canela” a medium size one, rescued from a highway (literally there to die, near a month born & abandoned there… in middle of roaring cars on a cold rainy day.. poor thing). My old cat crossed the rainbow bridge last week, we`re still mourning him. I`m glad you stated your respect for all kind of animals, since many people stand either as “cat people” or “dog people”. Thanks for your example, Benita. Hugs and kisses

  • Rachel says:

    Love my miniature dachshunds, Penny and Foxy (12 lbs of attitude each), and Pembroke Welsh corgi, Fergus (25 lbs of clown). One 30 minute walk a day is fine. Otherwise they love to sun themselves in the back yard and Fergus loves to play with the football – he is a Brit afterall – and ‘fetch’ with a tennis ball, especially the ones that squeak!

  • PS, if you dislike the idea of walking dogs, you can always train them to do this (I got such a kick out of their happy tails!)