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Project 52: Week 26

Week 26

Week 26 was the last week before my vacation! Or should I say OUR vacation since Wille’s been with me at work for two weeks. I’m making it a staycation for myself and will try to finish off some projects around the house such as the stairs from the living room to the bathroom. I’ll be tearing up the old step kit much like I did here  and here already.

After I mentioned that I’m back eating bread  someone commented and said something along the lines of only eating homemade carbs and I loved the idea of never again buying bread but instead baking it all myself with the help of Arty. So I do. This time I tried my hand on a nut and fruit bread for Wille which he can have with smoked ham after his gym sessions when he needs to eat carbs and protein. He’s never been fond of dark bread but apparently this was good enough for breakfast which is a high mark!

And yes, I’ve fallen into the fig tree trap. I was offered a ride to the local nursery by a neighbor and ended up buying the most blogged about plant in the blogosphere.

And Bonus is as handsome and regal as ever.

Have a good week!