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The Finished Stairs

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So my stairs are finally done. It’s been quite a saga which you can read all about here, here, here and here.



Again it was quite a big and messy job tearing and prying off the old step kit and then filling all the dents and dings, sanding everything down to get a smooth finish and caulking all the gaps.



I was under a little bit of stress during this project because I wanted everything done while Wille was away for a few days and finished by the time he got home since he’s the one that actually uses the upstairs and needs access via the stairs to his room and the bathroom.

Stressing is not a good thing. 1. I spilled half a can of paint onto the stairs. Luckily I could just sweep the paint further down so it got used up that way. 2. As I was sweeping halfway down I heard Mini’s bell UPSTAIRS! I thought she was outside! Picture me on the tips of my toes catching Mini on the landing JUST before she was about to come down. Phew!



Anyway, here’s the finished product. SO happy I can finally tick this project off.



And here’s a before for good measure. You can check out a post about the stained handrails here and if you haven’t had enough of stairs there are also posts on the basement stairs here, here and here and on the entry hall stairs here and here.