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Cleaning the Fridge

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Yes, Mini, it really WAS time to clean the fridge!



On Sunday after Wille left I decided I’d tackle a project that I’ve been putting off for a while. Cleaning the fridge. I took the opportunity when I didn’t have it fully stocked for Wille like I usually do.


So I emptied everything out, removed and cleaned all the compartments and shelves and dried them.



Then I took care of some yucky business inside the actual fridge. God knows what that yellow stuff was?!



I’ve learned that to prevent fires you should be sure to dust and clean vents, coils etc on appliances on a regular basis so I pulled the fridge out with Mini supervising as usual. There was dust on the floor including some recently spilled out dried cat food.



After vacuuming the floor I also did the vents at the back (after unplugging and shutting the fridge off). It felt so good because it was ages since I had done it.



And here’s the clean finished result. Mine’s done, maybe I’ve inspired you to do yours?