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Kitty Meds


I’m not the only one on meds right now. No, Mini’s fine now but Bonus had an allergic reaction to some fertilizer and needs to take cortisone for a couple of weeks and also needs the corners of his mouth that are affected dabbed daily with salt solution. I know, we’re on a roll in terms of ill fortune right now! Anyway, if you met Bonus you wouldn’t know there’s something wrong with him because he’s acting completely normal but he needs this stuff every day. Being the resident nurse I needed to organize my supplies as per usual since I’m no good with clutter as you’re probably aware of by now.



So out came an old bread tin and in it I corralled all the supplies needed. This way I can see it all and remember every day but it’s all nice and contained.



As for giving Bonus the pills it’s been a trial and error situation. It was impossible to give them to him in pill form as he’d spit and spit until they were out and I felt so bad having to force something down his throat. Instead I grind the pills up in this cute tiny mortar and mix them in with a spoon full of tuna. I tried his regular wet food but that didn’t work, he must have felt that it tasted different but the tuna which he doesn’t get that often works fine! Every day after giving it to him I’m like “Score!”. One more week to go with lower dosage (1 pill per day) and we’re done.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the basil in the second photo. Yes, it’s still the same one still going strong!


  • tinajo says:

    Ugh, it´s so tricky to give meds to cats – dogs are easier in my opinion.

  • tinajo – tried the dog butter trick my mom always used to do with our dogs but it all just slipped out lika gooey mess.

  • Jeanette says:

    Even the meds look stylish at your place!

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    Oh this breaks my heart! Is he responding to the meds? You mentioned that your crushing his pill. I’m assuming that it doesn’t ruin the effect of the pill by crushing it then? I’ve always heard that certain meds cannot be crushed because it won’t have the same effect. I too am being a resident nurse but with a dog … my 9 yr. old Shih Tzu, Simon. He has the start of cataracts/glaucoma/dry eye. Try administering eye drops (3 different ones – a total of nine drops in a day)in one eye. He sees me coming and gives me a work out at home chasing him. One will be for the rest of his life along with a pill for his thyroid. They’re just like kids! Hugs to Bonus and lots of patience to you! 🙁

  • Sandy – I didn’t know that but it just says take them orally and nothing about not being able to grind them up. He is responding though so I guess all’s well :).
    Haha, I can just see you chasing Simon about!

  • Ramona K says:

    Oh boy! Cats and pills just don´t mix do they? Our fellows are always catching and eating mice so now and again they have to have worm tablets. Tom was bad enough but Jerry was a nightmare even with the little “thingie” which was meant to pop them down his throat. Even with one of us holding him and one pill popping he spat them out every time – the darn tablet getting smaller with every attempt.
    Now I send blessings to the manufacturer who came up with a product you smear on the paws. The cat of course then licks it off. Bingo!!
    Glad to hear your little fellow is responding.

  • Pamela says:

    Hi Benita!
    I have been here with you since day 1 and I just wanted to stop in and say I hope all of you are feeling better and back to 100 percent soon!
    Pamela/NewJersey USA

  • Ramona – I gave up on those Axilur pills years ago and now ask the vet to prescribe Profender. It’s also a de-worming thing but it’s in liquid form that you drop on the the back of the cat’s head (where they can’t reach to lick). I get a new prescription when we see the vet for the yearly shots anyway. Probably doesn’t work well if they tend to lick each other though, Mini and Bonus very rarely do that.
    Pamela – thank you!

  • Peggy says:

    I’d not thought of a bread tin as storage container. Thanks for that idea! It looks great on the counter (next to that LOVELY basil!).
    I’m sorry that Bonus is suffering from an allergic reaction. Hope he feels better day by day!
    My kitty takes two medications–for blood pressure and thyroid. She takes 1/4-pill of each pill morning and evening. What a pain to cut those little pills into quarters! In order to ensure that she consumes the pills, I encase them in soft kitty treats. Now she BEGS to have her treats at 6:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. I had no idea that cats could tell time! She’s usually spot on, too! Sometimes she does find the pill–though rarely–and I find it on the floor. Then, of course, she gets another! Sneaky kitty!

  • Zosia says:

    Sorry to hear you and Bonus are under the weather. Hope all maladies will go away soon :-).

  • Sara says:

    I recently had to give my cat pills too – I tried so many things to make him take those pills, but the only thing that really worked was to ‘hide’ them in cat sticks! My cat loves these: so I just broke it into pieces as usual and could easily press half a pill into the piece and he would eat it without any fuss.

  • Annika says:

    Japp, detta kan jag relatera till. Har haft en himla otur med mina älskade fluffbollar, men det är väl kanske så med raskatter. Min gamla bondkatt som sprang ute hela tiden, honom är det aldrig nåt fel på, förutom när han varit i slagsmål! Just nu serveras kortison i flytande format (måste spruta in det i munnen – katten i fråga hatar det) varje kväll i två månaders tid, på grund av ömt tandkött…

  • Peggy – Neither Bonus nor Mini like kitty treats so that won’t work for us unfortunately but I’m glad to hear you’ve found a way in your home! So cute that she WANTS her meds :).
    Annika – Fast mina är ju riktiga bonnisar så den teorin sprack :). Jag hade föredragit flytande format faktiskt för det fungerade bra på Mini. Ett litet snabbt överraskande sprut i mungipan var betydligt smidigare än detta piller pillande :).

  • jja says:

    Poor Bonus! Many get well greetings from my cats! I also use Profender drops and give my cats their pills the same way you do, tuna and mortar. By the way where did you get your cute mortar from?

  • jja – I got the mortar in a mixed lot at an auction several years ago. There were actually two, one slightly bigger but I lost the pestle to that one unfortunately. I love the tiny one because it’s so cute AND useful :).

  • Laura says:

    There is nothing worse that trying to give cats pills! I’ve tried all the tricks from the internet and my two just refuse! I ended up getting a type of syringe which has a pill holder on the end so you can just pop it down their throat. I feel terrible doing it but it must be done!

  • om tonfisken förlorar sin fägring innan medicinerings perioden är slut, testa leverpastej! Funkade nån månad med min systers katt (sen blev det små köttbitar med pillerfyllning).