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Chez Larsson

Our Old Apartment

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I got an e-mail from Martin saying our old apartment is for sale! It’s where Martin and I lived for a few years and where we had Wille.
I really like what they’ve done to the place since we moved back in 1995. It’s so much more modernized. We still had a marble kitchen sink (sounds lovely but the sink was tiny), a deadly gas stove which got red hot (the entire thing) when you had the oven on and the oven itself was itty bitty so you could only ever do half a recipe of anything. I love that they opened up the window into a door (something we would also have done had we stayed) and that they kept the glass pantry door that Martin and I dug out of a dumpster ca 1992. As a matter of fact they kept a lot of the original cabinets and shelves which is nice to see. The rest of the apartment looks a bit odd. They split a not very big room to begin with into two and I can only imagine how cramped that must be IRL although it looks quite spacious in the realtors photos.


IMG_0001 BW


IMG_0005 BW

Here are a couple of shots of what it looked like in the very early days when we lived there. Check out more images of the apartment as it looks nowadays here.The images are no longer available. Edit: Either it's sold or we crashed their server :).

Oh, and price wise, we paid 575 000 SEK back in 1989 and sold for 425 000 in 1995 making a loss (but gaining a nice big rental instead). Today’s price 3 795 000 SEK. Yeah.