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Chez Larsson

Not Pretty Organizing

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I always strive for pretty organizing. I like to have uniform storage containers and for things to match. At home I can usually achieve it but when I organize for others I need to use what’s on hand. In this case I did a quick fix to my mom’s recycling cabinet. In there she keeps her newspapers, bottles, bulbs and batteries that will eventually go to the recycling station in her area. It was a bit of a mess (sorry mom) so I gave it the quick once over.



That meant I just cleaned the space and used the bins that were already there or ones I could find around the house to sort things out. I took a bunch of stuff to the recycling area right away and reorganized the rest. It’s not very pretty but it is practical. Mom doesn’t know I’ve reorganized it (it sort of became part of the yard work I did) so hopefully it will be a nice surprise for her next time she opens that door.