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Chez Larsson

Stay in Place

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This is the little closet door in Wille’s bedroom. The one I wallpapered with the vintage wallpaper we found in the attic.



Inside it was one of few areas till in need of organization. We keep an extra folding bed, bedding for said bed, camping sleeping equipment, a guitar case, a massage seat and some blankets in there. It’s all been a bit of a jumble. 



The biggest issue though was that every time you opened the door the folding bed fell forward and pushed everything in front with it. So annoying.



But easily fixed. I simply screwed  cup hooks I on either side of the bed and mattress and held them in place via bungee cords.



Like so. Works perfectly. And yes, I couldn’t help myself and lined the inside of the closet with lining paper and painted everything white. Waste of time for some I’m sure but fulfilling for me.

I won’t show you the organized after because frankly there’s not a lot to see. It’s still shock full of stuff so it’s not pretty organizing but at least now stuff stays in place. And no, Wille hasn’t noticedorganizing, vlo the change :).