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Chez Larsson

Winter Prep

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So, last weekend I did the last of the winter prep in the back and front yard. We’ve already had a tiny bit of snow one night a few weeks ago but as you can see there’s none right now. In fact I wasn’t even wearing socks, that’s how warm it was.



I raked the leaves and added them to the compost…




… and cut off anything dead and added that to the compost as well.



And last but no least I finally tucked away the patio furniture under the great big tarp under the balcony. While this day was warm and sunny and Bonus might have liked to lounge there it really was time. I always like to clean everything before putting it away and doing that in fair weather is much nicer than having to do it in the rain, snow and cold which is undoubtedly coming.

Sleep well little yard. See you again come spring. Spring, please come soon!